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What Is Taoism by Cleary

Sent: 2018-03-19 18:21:48

A short quote from Thomas Cleary explains what Taoism is and what is its importance in our days: "Tao is one of the most basic and comprehensive symbols in the Chinese language, the center of all philosophical and spiritual discourse. It may mean a path, a way, a principle, a method, a doctrine, a system of order; and it also may mean the matrix, structure, and reality of the universe itself. Every art and science is called a tao, or a way; but the source of everything, the fountain of all art and science, is called the Tao, or the Way. Taoism is based, ?rst and foremost, on the experience of this universal Way, the essential reality through which all derivative ways might be comprehended." Read more: http://www.taopage.org/quotes.html#cleary Taoism is best presented in the book of Lao-tzu, Tao-te ching. Master Lao teaches us the basics of Tao practice but his language is difficult to understand in our modern times. Should you need a guide to the Tao-te ching meaning just take our email course intended for beginners: Lao-tzu and Tao-te ching Revealed - http://www.taopage.org/lao_tzu.html Should you take it now you save $5 upon registration. Act now as the discount expires within five days! Enjoy the Tao, Sarah Way of Perfect Emptiness http://www.taopage.org-- If you do not want to receive any more newsletters from us, you may unsubscribe by following this link: [UNSUBSCRIBE] Forward this message to a friend by clicking this link: [FORWARD]
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