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The Valley Spirit (Female Mystery) meaning

Sent: 2018-11-10 04:05:47

Hi, We just updated our lesson on the Valley Spirit (the Female Mystery) of our Lao-tzu and Tao-te ching initiation course. Many talk about what the Valley Spirit is but only a few know. It is the core of Taoist symbols of power of creation and regeneration. The Valley Spirit is part of chapter 6 of Tao-te ching. We explain the entire chapter in plain words. You may order right now our course and enjoy the knowledge of the Female Mystery the way Taoists did. Check the course page at http://www.taopage.org/lao_tzu.html Sarah Way of Perfect Emptiness http://www.taopage.org PS Our students who already took this course will receive the updated free of charge as usual.-- If you do not want to receive any more newsletters from us, you may unsubscribe by following this link: [UNSUBSCRIBE] Forward this message to a friend by clicking this link: [FORWARD]
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